How to : Wagyu Rump Cap

The rump cap is a beautiful cut, tender and very tasty, from the top part of the rear legs. When cooking one from a Wagyu beef, I tend to remove the fat on top (with the sinew). I find the meat fatty and moist enough, plus the fat drips during the cooking process and tends to flare up, especially on gas and coal BBQ.



You want to remove the silver skin (aka sinew) on the bottom part of the cap. You do this by running a sharp knife against the sinew, on both sides of it.

If cooking on the stove, I sear it in a very hot pan, without any oil. I then finish it in a very low oven, 80/90°C ( I remove it when it reaches a core temperature of 57°C, Medium Rare), and then rest for about 30 minutes.


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