Ange's gluten and dairy free dark chocolate fondant

Wheat and dairy free diet doesn’t mean tasteless food, and indulging yourself with a dessert impossible. The following recipe was developped for a guest with such allergy at a hen’s party, and definitely was a success…! You need to find “Couverture” chocolate, as most the chocolate you find in the shops are “Compound” chocolate, containing dairy and often wheat and soy products. Try in your local health shop, and choose between 60% and 75% dark chocolate, depending on your liking.

For 6 people, you need :

170g dark chocolate

105g dairy free spread (like Meadow Lea)

185g hazelnut meal

30g rice flour

20ml Frangelico

2 eggs

100g caster sugar

  1. Melt the dairy free spread in the microwave, then add the chocolate and stir, and reheat if needed till completely melted and combined. Set aside. Turn the oven on at 170 C. With soft spread (not melted) brush well 6 metal dariol moulds, then dust with rice flour.
  2. Whisk your eggs and sugar till thick and creamy (culinary term : “wisk to ribbon”).
  3. Add the Frangelico, the meal and rice flour, fold gently.
  4. Make sure the mix chocolate/spread is still warm and fluid, otherwise reheat in microwave. Then fold in the mix.
  5. Fill your dariol moulds almost to the top. Cook for 10 minutes.

Cooking time will vary according to your oven, mould size and your taste. If you want the cake still melting, then reduce by 2 minutes the cooking time. Why not serve these cakes with a raspberry coulis?

You can use different liquors ( Tia Maria, Grand Marnier, Kahlua, Sambuca,…) or replace it with a non alcoholic beverages like orange juice. I also like sometimes to replace the hazelnut meal with almond, or walnut meal.  Let your creativity and sensitivity express themselves!

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